End of the Vine - Short Film Project

End of the Vine is a short film project that I worked on as a part of my BFA graduate class. The film was commissioned by Imagination Lab in Adobe Research. 

The film was initially planned to be a 2D hand animated film so as 3D lead I had to find ways to contribute. The still images are 3D concepts that I created to help influence visual development in pre-production of the short.

We later decided to make the film completely 3D and became responsible for creating the models, character rigs, materials, lighting rigs, as well as orchestrating and executing the final rendering process using Mental Ray. This project was my first real experience in building rigs and working closely with an animation team to adjust and modify rigs during production.

Bloody Mary 

    For this project I lead a team of fifteen classmates to create content for a game inspired by the urban legend Bloody Mary. We opted to mod an existing game in VALVe's Source Engine because of our limited programming ability. We wanted to be able to create from scratch the visual aesthetic of the game without stumbling over major technical skill limitations.

    The game is an extracurricular project that I helped start with classmates at SJSU for the purpose of learning what it takes to make a fully interactive 3d experience.  The mod is still in production and as of Fall 2013. My responsibilities on this project include:

Art Direction - Critiquing and consulting on visual development and modeling.
Modeling - Assigned, critiqued, and approved final models for the first level of the game. I modeled the level boss (Ivan), the main weapon (blunderbuss), the first vardo wagon (blue), the cabin, the final boss room, the waterfall, and one of the variations of pine tree seen in game.
Texturing - Same responsibilities as modeling with addition of hand tuning all specular highlights in engine. I textured the level boss, the blunderbuss, the cabin, the final boss room, the waterfall, and one of the pine trees.
Lighting - I did a secondary lighting pass in game and hand placed "bounce" light throughout the level. the cabin lighting interior and exterior as well as boss-room lighting including triggered effects.
Rigging - Rigged boss character using VALVe's biped character rig plugin for XSI. I rigged the first person arm and gun using the same biped guide provided by SDK mod tools for the Source Engine. all rigs were then custom animated by my classmates at SJSU. 
Technical Direction - Oversaw all technical modification of the Source Engine and worked directly with project programmer Tim Huynh. 
Level Building -   Constructed ninety percent of the game as it stands including terrain, static, dynamic and physics prop placement, optimization, sky box, triggers,  vignetting, choreographed sequences and qc scripting.
Asset Integration - Compiled ninety percent of the models in the first level,  one hundred percent of the character\creature animation and rigs, as well as texture\material tuning and application

More information about the Mod and its progress can be found at https://bloodymarymod.blogspot.com